Nigella Oil


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100% pure and natural black seed oil (50ml) from Ethiopia, First Cold Press, also known by its botanical name “Nigella Sativa” or Black Cumin Seed or “Habba Sawda” in Arabic or “Habbat Al-Baraka” . Black Seed Oil from Ethiopia in Arabic “Habachiya” or “Habachia” which means “Ethiopian”. Very powerful, it is famous for its antioxidant, immuno-stimulating properties and many other cosmetic virtues.

Cold pressed black seed oil is one of the best on the market. This extraction technique is a guarantee of quality and preservation of the benefits of the seed.

Nigella oil can be consumed pure, mixed with honey or incorporated into your dishes. This oil is known to be a very powerful oil due to its composition, so a tiny amount will already be effective.

Finally, it can be used for the face: it is known to treat epidemic problems (acne, scars, brown spots, etc.)

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